Who are specials and what are the benefits?

Specials come from all walks of life and volunteer their spare time for a minimum of 16 hours per month. They have the same powers as regular police officers and wear the same uniform. They are highly trained and play an essential role in preventing, reducing and tackling crime and keeping the communities of Northamptonshire safe.

Our specials say they joined up for many different reasons and enjoy numerous, varied benefits.


  • Competitive edge in the jobs market
  • Learn new skills
  • Do something new and exciting
  • Gain confidence
  • Mileage and subsistence costs covered
  • Opportunities to be a Special across ALL of Northamptonshire
  • Use your experience and skills to help prevent crime
  • Make a real difference to people's lives
  • Lead a more varied and challenging life
  • Keep fit and healthy
  • Flexible hours to suit you
  • Gain knowledge of law and order
  • Meet new people
    and much more!